At Stoke Park Schools we believe that online learning can add to each child’s learning journey in a fun and engaging way.  Please encourage your child to have a go at some of the activities below.


Links to learning resources for children:


Reading and Listening to stories:

Bug ClubA range of exciting ebooks, set at the right ability level by each reading teaching.  Please contact them if you do not have a password.

Premier League Reading Stars – Take part in these exciting football reading challenges for the chance to win some great prizes!

Tumble Book Library – A collection of speaking books that you can listen to and read along with.

Oxford Owls – A collection of ability grouped ebooks.

Love Reading –  A great website with lots of book extracts and reviews, as well as a booklist for each year group.

Children’s Books Forever – A range of children’s picture books to read online.  Stories are also available in different languages.

Innovations Learning – Some reading comprehension activities based on classic children’s novels.

Myths e2bn – A collection of classic Myths & Legends that you can listen to and read along with.


Writing and Spelling:

BBC Words and Pictures – Lots of fun games to help with spelling, phonics and writing letters.

Key Stage 1 BBC Bitesize – Fun activities for KS1 (Years 1 & 2) children linked to phonics, spelling, rhyme and lots more.

Key Stage 2 BBC Bitesize English – Some challenging activities for KS2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) linked to reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

Doorway Speller – Choose a list of words to practise spelling and then try writing some sentences with them.

Fridge Magnet Fun – Have fun spelling words with these online fridge magnets!

Spellings booklets for KS1 and 2



Mathletics – A range of exciting maths activities set directly by each Maths teacher.  Please see them if you are unsure about how to sign in.

BBC Bitesize KS1 – Fun activities for KS1 (Years 1 & 2) children linked to maths.

BBC Bitesize KS2 – Some challenging activities for KS2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) linked to all areas of maths.

Tutpup – A range of fun maths games for children to play against other children from around the world.

Woodlands Maths – A range of interactive maths games to help at KS2.

Trinity Maths – Interactive games and activities to help practise key maths skills.

Active Maths – Lots of games to be played by individuals, small groups or in class.


Other great resources for children:

Kidsmart – A great place to have fun whilst learning about e-safety.

Fun4thebrain – Online activities and games for each area of Maths, as well as Science and Literacy.

Culture Street – Find out all about artists, writers, film makers and performers and even have a go at your own animation!

Science Kids – A range of science topics to have fun with.

ICT games – A range of fun games for you to try!


Links to useful resources for parents:

E-safety – A website providing information about safety on the Internet.

Parent Further – Advice for all parents including information on e-safety.

BBC Parenting Site -Advice for parents of primary-aged children.

BBC Adult Learning – Lots of information about getting into learning.

Parents’ Resources – Articles written by practising teachers designed to help with the education of your child.

Parent Pages – The national directory of services aimed at parents