At Stoke Park Primary School we cover all of the key aspects of Literacy in a fun and engaging way.  These are:

• Speaking and Listening

and Phonics

Writing (including grammar, Spelling and Handwriting)

The way we teach Literacy and help our children to learn…

At our school, Literacy and reading is taught in year groups and phonics is taught in ability groups.   Teachers use a wide variety of teaching and learning styles to encourage our children to engage in literacy. The children have a daily Literacy session, working through three phases for each unit they work on.

We start all our units of work with a ‘Big Opening’ – something exciting, which immediately draws the children in and captures their imagination.

Following on from this during Phase One, speaking and listening is the main focus – for example, with Instruction Texts we might start with giving each other verbal instructions and responding to them.  The main aim is to get the children fully immersed in the text type. We use story, film and drama techniques such as hot seating, conscience alley and the use of puppets to further engage our pupils.

In Phase Two we move on to activities around reading and short burst writing – where the children often re-visit previous text types.  Then during the final stage, Phase Three we focus mainly on writing, where we put everything we have learned together into a finished piece of written work. We call this piece our ‘Big Write’.

Our teaching staff all use a variety of different techniques to help our children become the best writers they can possibly be, such as Story-making and Talk for Writing as well as basing all of their teaching around Assessment for Learning. Grammar and punctuation objectives are also taught throughout the unit of work. Children are then expected to apply these objectives in their writing. Spelling is taught in lesson warm-ups and in short spelling sessions throughout the week. Children focus on spelling rules/patterns and strategies that support them in learning new words, particularly those from their year group’s word list.  For some children, particularly in Key Stage 1 this is reinforced via a daily phonics session using the Read Write Inc Programme.  
Please see the Phonics page for more information on this.

Below you will find the writing objectives for each year group

Stoke Park Schools Writing Objectives