It is very important that children attend school regularly and on time. Children who are frequently absent from school or who are regularly late do not make the progress they should. Please don’t keep children away unless they are too unwell to attend school.

Parents /Carers should inform the school office of the reasons for absence by telephone, email, letter or in person on the first day that their child is absent. Verbal messages from the child and friends are not acceptable

The school office will investigate any unexplained absences by contacting Parents/Carers by phone and/or letter.

By law, children have to attend school every day unless they are unwell. The Head Teacher has the authority to allow a child to be absent from school in exceptional circumstances.

Parents are not entitled to take their children on holiday in term time. Holiday in term time will not be authorised except in very exceptional circumstances. Please ask the school office for additional guidance, 0117 377 2840.