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New learning for week beginning 13.07.20

It is the last week of the Summer Term and I want to start by saying what a pleasure it was to teach you all this year. You all made such a great start to your time in Cedar Class and it has been lovely to see and hear about the hard work you have been doing at home. I have had so much fun teaching you all and know that you will all continue to be amazing in Year 3! Have a great summer holiday!

Home Learning Week 13.7.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 13.7.20

New learning for week beginning 06.07.20

We are now in Week 5 of our Summer Term. This week we will be learning about poetry in our Literacy lessons by creating a poem about our own Superhero planet. In maths, we will be looking at measuring in grams and kilograms. You will find the links to our learning below. If you fancy something different don’t forget you can join in with Miss Cook and take part in some fun superhero games…

Home Learning Week 6.7.20 1
Maths Lesson Pack Week 6.7.20
New learning for week beginning 29.06.20

Welcome to Week 5 of the term! This week we are learning about instructions in our Literacy lessons and measuring in our Maths. Remember you can complete our superhero topic activities from our termly planner and send any photos to sppsyear2@cathedralschoolstrust.org.

Home Learning Week 29.6.20 1

Maths Lesson Pack Week 29.06.20

New learning for week beginning 22.06.20

This week we have a new story for our Literacy called ‘The Colour Monster’, a great story all about the different feelings and emotions we sometimes experience. You can find the link to watch it below, along with our Maths sheets. I hope you all enjoy the home learning this week and some lovely sunshine too!

Home Learning Week 22.6.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 22.06.20

New learning for week beginning 15.06.20

We are now in Week 3 of Term 6. We are continuing with our topic of Superheroes and our story Traction Man. Well done to everyone who took part in our rockstar battle against Elm class! Many of you worked hard to build up an amazing total score.

Home Learning Week 15.6.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 15.06.20

New learning for week beginning 8.06.20

Welcome to our second week of Term 6. As we start our new topic all about Superheroes, our new book in Literacy is ‘Traction Man’. You can find a video of this story below along with our learning for the week. If you fancy doing something different you can compete in our Rockstar Battle against Elm Class, which finishes this week. Well done to all those who have already!

Home Learning Week 8.6.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 08.06.20

Superheroes Topic-related Activity Ideas KS1 Term 6


Welcome to Term 6! 

I hope you have all had a lovely half term week and managed to enjoy the sunshine! We are now moving on to our new topic all about superheroes. You can choose an activity to complete each day on our topic planner below. If you fancy something a bit different why not compete in our rockstar battle against Elm class by logging in to your TT Rockstars account. 

Home Learning Week 1.6.20 

Our Literacy this week is based on an interview by Mrs Spence with author Lucy Marks. See video below.

Maths Lesson Pack Week 01.06.20

Phase 6 Spellings 1.6.20

Superheroes Topic-related Activity Ideas KS1 Term 6 (1)

Mrs Spence speaks to author Lucy Marks about her experience of becoming a children’s book writer!’ Why don’t you come and find some fun activities afterwards on Lucy’s website http://lucymarks.com/ where Lucy will also read you some of her book! Learn how to make a picture diary, work on a character and make your own drawings. If you let your teacher know and send a picture of a completed activity, Lucy will send you a ‘Disappearing Act’ Badge and we will get a free signed copy to one lucky Stoke Parker!


New learning for week beginning 18/05/20

We are now in Week 5 of Term 5! You will find all of our home learning below. It has been lovely to see all of the different learning you have been doing at home. You are all doing a great job! Remember you can send your photos to sppsyear2@cathedralschoolstrust.org. 

Home Learning Week 18.5.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 18.5.20

The maths videos for this week are under Week 4 on the Whiterose website as we are a week behind their packs.

Phase 6 Spellings 18.5.20

A poem from all of us to you…

New learning for week beginning 11/05/20

Welcome to the fourth week of Term 5.  You have all been up to so much at home, so keep up the great work! I have uploaded the learning packs below and remember to all work at your own pace. As so many of you are taking part in some brilliant topic activities such as planting, baking and woodwork I have signed us up to complete the RSPB ‘Wild Challenge’. See below for more information if you would like to complete a challenge as part of your topic work this week.

Home Learning Week 11.5.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 11.5.20

The maths videos for this week are under Week 3 (w/c4th May) on the Whiterose website as we are a week behind their packs.

Phase 6 Spellings 11.5.20

Our Literacy this week is based on the story ‘There’s a snake in my school’ by David Walliams. 


New learning for week beginning 04/05/20

We are now in week three of Term 5! I have uploaded our learning below, along with some videos to support our Literacy lessons. I have loved seeing all of the exciting things you have been up to at home, so please continue to send in your photos and videos to sppsyear2@cathedralschoolstrust.org. If your time at home has been busy please don’t feel like you have to complete all of the learning on this page. Reading is a great way to support learning, whilst enjoying a story at the same time. If you need new ideas for a great text you can visit Oxford Owls https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ which has a free ebook library for all ages.

Home Learning Week 4.5.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 4.5.20

Phase 6 Spellings 4.5.20

Term 5 Food Glorious Food Topic Activity Ideas

New learning for week beginning 27/04/20

Welcome to our second week of Term 5. Here you will find all of our learning for the week, however we understand that everybody’s situation is different so please don’t feel obliged to complete all the learning on this page. If you would like to complete any of the activities then it would be lovely to see what you have all been up to! You can email all of your work to sppsyear2@cathedralschoolstrust.org. 

Home Learnng Week 27.4.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 27.4.20

Term 5 Food Glorious Food Topic Activity Ideas

Phase 6 spelling booklet

Ideas for the Week:

-I have been missing teaching you all this term so below I have uploaded an ‘Explode the number’ maths activity to try at home. Watch the video and if you think you can explode a number more than 5 times send me you work on the above email to post online.

-My sunflower has been growing! I have created a diary to record how much it has grown each week. Can you create the same and fill in the missing labels on mine? 

If you haven’t planted a seed you can watch this video of a sunflower growing to help you! Can you think about what the seed needs to grow?

Here is some of the amazing home learning that has been happening this week:

New learning for week beginning 20/04/20

As we now head into Term 5 we have a new topic to discover! This term our topic is called ‘Food Glorious Food’ where we will learn all about plants and growing. In the video above I have set you a challenge to see who can grow the tallest plant over the next few weeks. If you wish to join in please send in your photos to sppsyear2@cathedralschoolstrust.org and see if your plant can be taller than mine!

Below I have attached our new Maths and Literacy learning for the week, with some additional sheets to read or complete. I have also added a topic planner where you can choose a different activity to do each day or week for this term. I hope you enjoy working through the learning packs and ideas however we recognise that everybody’s situation is different, so please don’t feel pressure to complete every activity. 

Year 2 Home Learning Week 20.4.20

Maths Lesson Pack Week 20.4.20

Literacy Story -I-will-never-not-ever-eat-a-tomato

Term 5 Food Glorious Food Topic Activity Ideas

To support the maths lessons in the home learning packs you can find videos on Whiterose maths website for each lesson. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/

Here is a animation of the story ‘I will not ever never eat a tomato’ to help support the Literacy lessons in your pack. https://dai.ly/x30k5eu 

Ideas for the week:

-Continue to discover more about growing with the BBC bitesize website https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpxnyrd

-Sing some lovely songs with the free Singup website www.singup.org/singupathome

-With the help of a grown up, cook a delicious meal as part of our new topic and send in a photo. Here are some recipe ideas:https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/kids-cooking

-Take part in a fun ballet lesson from Mrs Sage.  

Photos of the Week:


I hope you are all enjoying doing your learning activities at home. I can’t wait to see your amazing work and hear about the different things you have been up to. Remember that learning can happen in many different ways and I know lots of you have been busy exploring our many subjects from PE work outs to fun arts and crafts. Please do send in photos of your learning at home for me to share on our website, we love seeing your photos!

Email all photographs or questions about home learning to sppsyear2@cathedralschoolstrust.org

For all other enquiries, including requests for school provision for keyworker children, please use contactus@stokeparkprimary.org

I have attached our current home learning timetables for Term 4 and I will continue to add timetables for Term 5 over the next few weeks. We recognise that everybody’s situation is different so please don’t feel pressure to complete every activity. You are best placed to decided how much your children can complete, along side everything else going on in your house at the moment. 

I hope you are all looking after yourselves and each other. I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as we are able!

Miss Setherton

Week beginning 30/03/2020:

Home Learning Week 30.3.20

Some of the great learning happening at home! Please keep sending in your photos.

Ideas for the week:


Watch Peter and the Wold preformed by the children in the ROyal Ballet. Can you move like different animals? Can you retell the story without using words and just actions?

-If you have finished your home reading books you can log on to Oxford Owls for free to read some more!


-Practice some games, gym and dance moves with a free log in to Real PE. Its has lessons, videos and songs to help continue doing PE at home.

Image preview

-Listen to a David Walliams story online every day at 11am and write one of your own. www.worldofdavidwalliams.com


Teacher: Miss Setherton

TA: Miss Winkworth and Mrs B

Welcome to Year 2. We have an exciting year ahead of us, with some wonderful topics, trips and adventures heading our way in the next 6 terms. Keep checking our class page for more information.

This year we will be doing PE, Gymnastics, Ballet and Forest School all week. Please bring in a PE and Forest School kit every week.

Spellings will be sent home each Friday. Please help your child to practice these at home. There is a big focus on spellings as we enter Year 2, so this will really support their fluency in writing. We will also be sending books home each day. Please read regularly together as this will build your child’s confidence and strengthen their love of reading.

I feel very lucky to be teaching such a caring, positive and hard-working group. Keep up the good work Cedar Class, and together we’ll go far.

Term 4 – Horrible Histories

This term we are turning back time and travelling to 1666 when the Great Fire of London started. We will try to imagine what life was like in London before, during and after this event, using Samuel Pepys’ diary to help us to paint a picture of the scene. In Science, we will investigate light and sound, in Art we will look at patterns and textures in buildings and in Literacy we will work towards creating poems and newspaper reports. Our Maths learning will focus on fractions and how to find a half and a quarter. We also look forward to a visit from the local fire service.

Homework Planner Horrible Histories Term 4 (1)

Termly newsletter T4 Horrible Histories (3)

Topic Overview Horrible Histories Term 4 (3)

Term 3 – I’m a celebrity

This term we are turning ourselves into celebrities. We will start with a red carpet event, where we can all show off our glamorous outfits and have a walk down the red carpet. Throughout the topic we will be learning about famous celebrities of the past and present and deciding which one is our favourite. We will also be finding out about ourselves in our Science work, including what we need to survive and stay healthy. In Art we will have fun creating our own portraits in the style of famous artists.

Will we meet a celebrity on our journey?

Termly newsletter T3

Homework Planner I’m a Celebrity (1)Topic Overview- I’m a Celebrity

Term 2 – Robots

Our topic this term is all about robots! Over the term we will discover how robots move and how things are powered by electricity. In DT we will design our own robot cars by making axels to help them move. In history we will learn about the changes in technology within our lifetime. We can’t wait for all this robot excitement!

Termly Newsletter Term 2 Robots

Topic Overview Robots

Homework Planner Robots

Term 1 – Deadly 60

Our topic this term is all about dangerous animals! We will consider life as an explorer and journey to wild places.  We will become deadly 60 reporters and find out about the creatures in various extreme habitats around the world.  In history we will learn about famous explorers both past and present. We will become wildlife photographers in art to find out about the animals that live in our local environment. We will finish our topic with a trip to the Wild Place and become real life explorers.


Termly newsletter Term 1 Deadly 60

Topic Overview Deadly 60

Deadly 60 Homework Planner