Are You Ready to TT Rock?

Watch as Del DeschoolMeester introduces the ultimate TT Rockstars Battle! Year 3 vs Year 4 and Year 5 vs Year 6! The battle will commence from 9am Thursday 21st January and finish on 9am Thursday 4th February! Go and log on to your TT Rockstar and let’s rock out! More TT’s = More Points for your team! Who will win?

Starters for STEM

Starters for STEM are 10 activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills.
Theses activities are easy to resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them. If you see a link you can explore how to extend these activities, you will need to sign up, for free, to access these materials.

Upcycle a bottle!

We had some great photos of your amazing bottle creations for last week’s whole school challenge – well done everyone!

Changes Bristol

Changes Bristol are excited to announce that they are launching a mental health support group for Women of Colour. This will provide a safe space to connect, share and feel empowered by a supportive community. This peer support group is open to any woman over 18 who identifies as Black, Asian or of minority ethnicity.

This peer support group will be open to discussions on racial experience, Covid-19 disproportionately impacting the Black, Asian & Minority Ethinic communities and any other topics which Women of Colour face with the support of trained staff and volunteers.

Every Monday, 6:30-8:30pm

Online – Zoom

For more details please see here

If you have any questions please email Fayola at

The Gingerbread Man has run away! Help, where is he?

Help needed! Mrs. Williams baked some Gingerbread men at school. But when she got them out of the oven, one had run away. Where do you think it has gone?

Nursery children could draw a picture, Reception children could draw a picture and write a caption, Year 2 could write some sentences, Year 6 could write a crime story! Please send all ideas to the email below. (Mrs. Williams will let your teacher’s know for awarding house points!)

Where is he? I hope we find him! Send all ideas to

A Starry Night – Year 1

Our art work this term has been based around ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at the types of colour Van Gogh used and tried to mix these ourselves. We used a colour wheel to help us to think about this. We then explored creating texture, just like in Starry Night. These skills helped us to create our own version of the painting. Here are some of our final pieces. Thank you to Mrs Winkworth, Mrs Bendon and Miss Cook for their support!

Reception starters 2021

Please don’t forget that the application process for reception children, 2021, is open. If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017, you must apply for them to start primary school in September 2021. Our website contains a virtual tour of the school so please take a look or pass onto friends who may be interested.

Applications for primary school admission must be submitted no later than 15 January 2021. There is lots of information on the Bristol City Council website:

Florence Nightingale’s Diary – Year 1

Year 1 have been learning a lot about Florence Nightingale. For this unit’s Big Write, we put ourselves in her shoes and wrote a diary entry from a day working in Scutari Hospital. Here we have pieces from Jazmine, Phoebe and Arietty, who worked particularly hard to think about all the learning we have done together and have shown great independence in completing this on their own.