Internet safety with Smartie the Penguin – Year 1

Today we read about Smartie the Penguin and helped him to make good choices along the way as he thought about staying safe when he used the internet. We made penguin masks and sang his mum’s song about internet safety: ‘Before you tap and click … You need to stop and think … And tell someone’.

Support from First Response

The last few months have been tough and we know some families are under more pressure than ever. If you need extra support as a parent or carer, keep watching to find out more about support available or call the First Response team on: 0117 903 6444.

Vulnerable children may be more at risk of being harmed at the moment. If you see or hear something that worries you, let First Response know so they can help them.

How many left? Year 1 Maths

Today we started to look at subtraction in Year 1. We worked as part of small teams to look at problems and use counters to find out ‘how many left’. Tomorrow we will move on from using objects, and start to think of different strategies to find out ‘how many left’.

Design a mural competition

Thank you to all of the children who have already submitted their entries to our competition to design your own mural in the style of Michele Curtis and her ‘Seven Saints of Saint Pauls’. I can see lots of you have done a lot of research into the life of the person you would like to celebrate. The standard has been incredibly high. I have attached some examples for inspiration! Remember, the winner’s design will be featured in our school History display. If you would like to enter, please hand your design to your class teacher by Wednesday 21st October.

Fantastic Fossils in Year 3

Year 3 became paleontologists today as we studied real life fossils! These fossils were found in Lyme Regis at the Jurrasic Coast. We discussed how you can see the fossil cast and the sediment within it as well as comparing shapes, sizes and colours of the different fossils. Have you ever been fossil hunting? Have you ever found been lucky enough to find a fantastic fossil?

Bristol Plays Music at Stoke Park

This afternoon, Year 3 and Year 2 had a visit from the “Bristol Plays Music” Teacher Mrs Tabbath. She taught us some singing and how to play some musical instruments. We discussed pitch, pulse and rhythm. Bristol Plays Music will be coming back every week and we are so excited to learn more!

Playing on the drums!

Phonics at Stoke Park Primary

During the first term, we would usually invite parents and carers to a meeting to share information about Phonics learning at Stoke Park Primary. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Instead, I have attached a powerpoint presentation that includes the information we would share. Take a look to find out more about what Phonics is, the meaning of key vocabulary we use in school (e.g. phoneme and grapheme), how Phonics is assessed and more about supporting your child with their Phonics learning at home. If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s teacher during your Parents Evening telephone slot next week. We hope to have a Phonics parents meeting in Term 3 to go a little bit further into the information we have here.

Black History Month

1st October marks the beginning of Black History Month. At Stoke Park Primary, we will focus on the history behind the Seven Saints of St. Pauls. Children from Nursery to Year 6 will look at the impact these significant individuals have had on the world around us.

Over the next month, you may like to visit the murals that celebrate the lives of the ‘Seven Saints’. You can download an app that takes you on a virtual guided tour of the artwork, and learn more about the history as you go:

Children at Stoke Park can also enter our competition: to design their own mural that celebrates the life of a significant black man or woman from history. This will be a home learning project, with more details to follow.

PE at Stoke Park

Thank you to Jasmine PE for teaching Year 1, 2, 4 and 5 today. We all had a great time learning how to work together and achieve our goals whilst developing our PE skills!