What a Wild Place!

Beech and Elm class have just come back from a very exciting but ever-so-tiring school trip to the Wild Place!  We had a peek at some really interesting animals including Okapi from middle Africa and reindeer, we got up close and personal with a variety of different lemar’s and we got lost in the butterfly maze!

We also all met Kelly and Tanya some volunteers at the Wild Place.  We learnt about plants and how they’re so important to helping us stay alive by generating the oxygen we need to breath. We even got to look closely at their different parts under a microscope.  Then, we planted our own seeds, I wonder if you chose Barley or wheat as your plant?  Lots of water, sunlight and nutritious soil and we’ll just have to wait and see.

Overall it was a really fun filled and informative day.  Special thanks to all the parents who came on the trip with us, we really appreciate your help!


IMG_0268 IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0273 IMG_0275 IMG_0278 IMG_0279 IMG_0281 IMG_0283 IMG_0285

In check mate!



Beech class are really lucky to have Paul (a local chess connoisseur) come into our classroom once a week to teach us the great game of chess!  Paul has shown us you need patience, honesty and a strategic mind with a few tricks up your sleeve to play the great game of chess.

He’s also shown us a handshake at the end of every match goes a very long way.

Thanks Paul – we’re really enjoying it!

From, Beech class.

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Soil Permeability!

primary-logoBeech class have been really busy soil scientists this week.  First we were introduced to different types of soil and discovered how they are formed, including; sand soil, chalk soil, peaty soil and clay soil.  Then we learned about permeability (the speed in which different soils allow water to pass through). After that we predicted what we thought might happen to the different soils and finally we did the experiment!

We wanted to share our results with you:

Sand soil – rapid permeability,

Chalk soil – moderate to rapid permeability.

Peaty soil – moderate permeability.

Clay soil – Slow permeability.

Well done Beech class for having a first-class positive attitude to their learning and having fantastic patience and kindness to each other during the experiment.  🙂