Year 4 home learning

Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning Page.  We recognise that everybody’s situation is different.  Please don’t feel pressure to complete every activity, or to complete learning activities for hours and hours each day. You are best placed to decide how much or how little your children can complete, alongside everything else going on in your house at the moment.  Above all, be proud of yourselves – we are all having to reinvent what we do each day, with the overall aim of looking after ourselves and each other.  You’re doing a great job.

Use the email to let us know how you are getting on or if you have any questions.  We are also loving seeing your photos of your home learning (but please don’t feel pressure with this!)  Please put the name of your child in the subject box.  The email address is:

For all other enquiries, including requests for school provision for keyworker children, please use:

‘ Mrs Spence speaks to author Lucy Marks about her experience of becoming a children’s book writer!’ Why don’t you come and find some fun activities afterwards on Lucy’s website  where Lucy will also read you some of her book!  Learn how to make a picture diary, work on a character and make your own drawings.  If you let your teacher know and send a picture of a completed activity, Lucy will send you a ‘Disappearing Act’ Badge and we will get a free signed copy to one lucky Stoke Parker!

Year 4 home learning timetables:

Week 7: Home learning page 18.05.20

Literacy links and worksheets 18.05.20

Maths resources and links 18.05.20

Week 6: Home learning page 11.05.20

Literacy Links and Worksheets WB 11.05.20

Maths Links and Worksheets WB 11.05.20

Week 5: Home learning wb 4.05.20

Literacy Links and Worksheets WB 4.05.20

Maths Links and Worksheets WB 4.05.20

Follow the link below to access more reading books online:

Week 4: Home learning page 27.04.20

Literacy links and worksheets WB 27.04.20

Maths Links and Worksheets WB 27.04.20

Follow the video below to take part in Mrs Sage’s ballet lesson!

Week 3:     Home learning 20.04.20

Maths resources 20.04.20

Literacy resources 20.04.20

Week 2:    Home learning page 30.03.20

Week 1: Home learning 23.03.20

For some at home P.E ideas, log on to jasmine active with the details below:

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