Vision Statement

At Stoke Park Primary, we believe that for children in our community, there are no limits on what they can achieve in their lives when they build upon a strong foundation of inspired teaching, a strong home-school partnership and a visionary school community.

Therefore, we will strive to provide a broad curriculum that provides stimulating and engaging learning experiences that:

  • Equip our children to learn the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to have successful, fulfilled childhoods and to provide a strong foundation for secondary education. (The early development of fluent reading and spoken language skills in younger pupils are fundamental and determining factors in achieving the above.)
  • Enable children to discover their own unique interests and talents and to develop these to a high standard so that they can become lifelong sources of satisfaction and expression.

In addition, our school ethos and support for children’s personal development will help children to build trusting friendships; become strong in spirit; make wise personal choices; and have strength of character.

Because of the above, children will have the best possible opportunity to become active, educated citizens who also have a strong, positive sense of personal identity.

For children, families and the school community, they will know that the children’s ‘best’ is as good as anyone else’s ‘best’ and often, it will be better. This will build self-belief, be an inspiration to others and a source of pride to all.