Sports Premium Funding

At Stoke Park Schools, we believe that there are no limits on what children can achieve in their lives when they build upon a strong foundation of inspired teaching which enables children to discover their own unique interests and talents and to develop these to a high standard so that they become lifelong sources of expression and enjoyment.

Therefore, we strive to provide our children with expert coaching and high quality role modelling to enable our children to achieve exceptionally high levels of performance in sport and dance.

The school delivers the full National Curriculum for physical education ensuring broad experiences for all children. However, in addition, PE and sport at Stoke Park goes beyond the National Curriculum as we specialise and emphasise three key areas: dance and gymnastics.

These curriculum areas are all taught by specialist teachers/coaches who have performed at a high level or professionally. As a result, children benefit from very high levels of technical instruction as well as being inspired through high quality role modelling by the teacher/coach.

Our objectives for these areas are:

Ballet & Dance

  • To equip pupils with the techniques and skills to enable them to dance with a high standard of technical competency and creativity
  • To develop pupils’ skills so that they are in a position to access formal ballet qualifications
  • To develop high levels of strength, flexibility and stamina


  • To equip pupils with the techniques and skills to enable them to perform gymnastics with a high standard of technical competency
  • To develop pupils’ skills so that they are in a position to access and attain national gymnastics award
  • To develop high levels of strength, flexibility and stamina

High levels of participation are secured for all pupils as all children work through their Gymnastics National Proficiency Awards on a weekly basis. All children participate in Dance or Ballet every week, with the opportunity to further develop their skills and take formal qualifications in after school clubs. Games is also taught every week, with the opportunity for all children in Years 1-6.

In addition to high levels of participation, children have been able to perform to a high standard in all of these areas.


In 2015, we started to teach ballet as part of the curriculum to introduce another genre of dance and widen children’s ability to express themselves through this art form. In a short space of time, our children have made amazing progress in learning this highly complex and technically demanding form of dance.


The National Proficiency awards start at Level 8 and progress to Level 1.

In 2015, we entered two teams in to inter-school competitions. The Year 3/4 Team won the North Bristol Y3/4 Gymnastics competition. Our B-team also came sixth in this competition demonstrating our strength in depth. As regional winners, our Year 3/4 then went on to compete against the other regional winners from the West of England and came second in this competition.

In 2016, the Year 3/4 Team retained its title, once again being crowed North Bristol Team Champions. In the regional competition, Stoke Park finished 3rd.

In 2017, we entered 2 tiers in the North Bristol Gymnastic competition and came first in both. In the West of England finals, tier 1 came 2nd and tier 2 came third. An amazing achievement!

We are excited to see what our next competitions have in store!

The sports premium funding contributes to the employment of specialist coaches in gymnastics and dance. In addition to delivering high quality teaching, this funding is also used to support the professional development of specialist staff as they work alongside the professional coaches.

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