Our latest school Ofsted inspection in 2017.

Ofsted Inspection – The School has ‘maintained the good quality of education since the last inspection

The HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector) who conducted the inspection found that the children at Stoke Park Primary receive a ‘very well-balanced education’. Not only do we develop their academic skills well but weekly participation in activities such as dance, drama and gymnastics allow children’s talents to shine; this helps them to grow in confidence and self-esteem.

It was also very pleasing to see that the inspector recognised the excellent progress the children make at our school. She commented, ‘…staff work together extremely well as a team to ensure that pupils have the best possible outcomes.’

The HMI has asked the school to continue to support Reception children in preparing, particularly in Reading and Phonics, for the new higher standards expected in Year 1. She has also asked us to continue to provide high quality support for lower attaining children in Key Stage 1(the infants) so that they are well prepared for Key Stage 2 (the juniors).

You can read the full report of our progress here:Stoke Park Primary Ofsted Report 2017

Ofsted inspection in 2013 brought a ‘good’ report and highlighted the strengths of this provision.

Here are some of the things Ofsted said:

“Pupils’ behaviour is of a very high standard. They have excellent manners and move around the school in a very calm and orderly manner arriving punctually for their lessons.”

“Pupils work extremely well together, whatever their age, and enjoy the different activities that help them understand their work.”

“Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs are clearly identified and their needs assessed as early as possible. Carefully planned activities in class, in small groups and individually, ensure that they are able to make good progress.”

“Teachers are skilled at helping pupils understand moral and social issues.”

“The school involves parents and carers in the life of the school in a range of ways and parents and carers are very appreciative of the support they receive at critical times in their families’ lives.”

“Pupils spoke of how they enjoyed reading and using the ‘reading passports’ to record the range of books they read.”

You can read the full report of our progress here: Ofsted report

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