World Afro Day

Why I support World Afro Day | Zena Tuitt
Today we celebrated World Afro Day in assembly. We learnt about the history of some afro hairstyles and the children were very articulate in their responses about the importance of hair equality. Some of the classes will be reading some stories and poems that celebrate afro hair this afternoon.

KS1 Wild Place Trip

Today KS1 went on a trip to the Wild Place to celebrate the end of term. It was great to explore, see the different animals and be out in the sunshine together!

Nursery Sports Day

Nursery had a wonderful time competing in sports day this afternoon. So much determination and perseverance!

Fantastic Team Work

Great to see our Y6 campers displaying our school values – they’re working together and being kind, proud of their achievements and certainly striving for success! Well done year 6!

A great start to camp!

Year 6 have had a lovely first day at camp – they’ve enjoyed a beach picnic, Jacob’s Ladder and a low ropes course. The sun even shone too!

Under the sea

Nursery have been learning new techniques and skills to create sea creatures and the ocean. Fantastic work by the youngest children in the school!

Saving our planet

Nursery have been exploring ways to save the oceans. They have been clearing the beach and ocean (sand tray and water tray!) of all the litter that was dumped. But they couldn’t use their hands to collect the rubbish, “As we might get hurt. There might be glass.” Nancy. Maxwell wanted to pick up all the rubbish outside of school at the park with Mummy. So we decided to use the litter pickers and learnt how to use them instead of our hands and tidied our outside environment. Superheroes!

You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!

Year 1 discovered a trail of flour running from our kitchen to the door. We looked a little closer and found a tray of gingerbread men, with a space missing! A note had been left: ‘Run, run, as fast as you can’. We followed the trail around the school and found more notes along the way from the Gingerbread Man. Eventually, we saw him hiding in the office. Thankfully nobody had eaten him. We are looking forward to learning more about the story in our new unit of work in Literacy.

Phonics Parents Meeting recording

Here you will find a recorded version of the Phonics Parents Meeting. It’s a useful introduction to Phonics or refresher for parents that are already familiar. In the recording, I talk about: what Phonics is; the definition of Phonics vocabulary; Phonics at Stoke Park Primary; supporting Phonics learning at home and assessments in Phonics. I have also attached the ppt used in the presentation so you can click on links mentioned. If you have any further questions, please contact your class teacher and they would be happy to help.

That’s a wrap!

Our school community have completed our Marathon Month and raised over £6000!! We are so thankful for all the support. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting our trainers on, getting outside and spreading some joy to our local community.