Florence Nightingale’s Diary – Year 1

Year 1 have been learning a lot about Florence Nightingale. For this unit’s Big Write, we put ourselves in her shoes and wrote a diary entry from a day working in Scutari Hospital. Here we have pieces from Jazmine, Phoebe and Arietty, who worked particularly hard to think about all the learning we have done together and have shown great independence in completing this on their own.

We’ve been going on a bear hunt in Nursery.

In Nursery we have been learning the story, We’re going on a bear hunt, by Michael Rosen. We have learnt to retell the story using actions; we have learnt about bears and been out in the Forest looking for sticks to stumble over or use as broom sticks, telescopes, spoons or musical instruments. We also experienced what it would feel like to go through the different things using our hands or feet….mud, grass, snow (ice) and sticks/leaves.

Florence and Mary workshop – Year 1

Thank you National Army Museum for delivering a fantastic online workshop all about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole to Year 1. We learnt so much about their work and how they are remembered today. We also got a chance to see some of the objects that would have been a part of their day to day lives, working in hospitals in the Crimean War. Look out the ‘Florence and Mary Scavenger Hunt’ in your child’s book bag tonight, where children can continue this learning at home.

Virtual Tour of Our School

Welcome to Stoke Park Primary School. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer guided tours around our school at the moment, so please enjoy watching this video tour of our school.

Please email the school at contactus@stokeparkprimary.org with any questions or queries you might have. We would love to hear from you!

Happy Diwali from Nursery

We tasted new food
We stuck tissue paper on sticky plastic to make Rangoli patterns.
We created Rangoli patterns using coloured rice.
We retold the story of Rama and Sita using puppets.
We worked as a team to make an enormous Rangoli pattern

Diwali Day in Year 3

Diwali is the Indian festival of lights, usually lasting five days and celebrated during the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika.

Stoke Park Primary celebrated in style today.

In Year 3, we used clay and paint to make our own Diyas (beautifully decorated candle holders), we learned about the story of Rami and Sita, we created a Diwali dance using Indian Dance Mudras (hand movements), we used colourful rice to create our own Rangoli patterns and we used intricate pencil skills to design our own Mehndi patterns.

Happy Diwali Everyone!

Remembrance Day in Nursery

Nursery created Poppies today using different artistic skills.

Painting giant poppies outside
Choosing our own way to stick on red petals – scrunching, ripping or sticking on flat.

Bonfire Week in Nursery

The Nursery children have been learning about keeping safe during Bonfire week and had the opportunities to experience different activities – making firework pictures using a new technique (tapping a brush), creating firework swirls and zigzags in glittery flour, some of them made firework posters informing others how to keep safe e.g. Keep pets inside, Stand back, ONLY adults to light fireworks, wear gloves if holding a sparkler.

They even had a very small REAL fire at Forest School. They helped to collect dry sticks, learnt the safety rules and then watched the flames grow bigger. Maxwell told everyone, “The water is to put out the fire when we’ve finished”

Brunel’s Tower Challenge

In Year 2 we are learning all about Brunel. To start our topic he set us an engineer challenge to build the tallest tower. After a few attempts, we worked out what it needed to stay up strong and well done to our two winners!

Drama workshop – Year 1

Thank you Bristol Old Vic. We really enjoyed your story telling and drama workshop today. Can you guess which animals we are pretending to be in this freeze frame? We enjoyed performing outside on film and we’re looking forward to building on what we started today.