Self portraits – Picasso style

We have studied self portraits of Picasso and Van Gogh. Lots of us enjoyed the colours and shapes Picasso used so we started to mimic some of these ideas. We started by tearing paper into different shapes to create a background ‘skin’. Some of us chose colours of a similar shade, while others used a wide range of colours. We then added facial features to our portraits. We’re really proud of the results!

Spaghetti shapes

As part of ‘No Pens Day’ Hazel Class are exploring 2D shapes using spaghetti. We decided it would be tricky to make a circle or oval without cooking it first, but had a good go at triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons. We worked with a partner and had to think carefully about the sides and corners in the shapes we made. Sometimes, we had to break up pieces of spaghetti as each side needed to be a different length. We found we could make ‘irregular’ shapes too!

We’re going on a bear hunt in Nursery

Where will we go on our bear hunt? Through the squelchy mud, the soft grass or the cold snow? The children experienced walking through different textures and described how they felt using words from the story or new words – spiky, freezing, squashy, wet. They then continued exploring the different textures with the addition of small world.

Nursery Rhymes in Early Years

A large web has been spun outside the Early Years class rooms. How can you get across Incy Wincy Spider’s web without being caught? Will you go under or over it, but be careful not to touch the web!

Walking down the red carpet

As part of our ‘I’m a celebrity’ topic, children in KS1 were invited to dress up as their favourite famous person or icon from past or present. We had a huge range of celebrities in the classroom, ranging from actors such as Tom Holland and Johnny Depp, to historical figures such as Cleopatra and Brunel and a huge team of footballers too! Thank you to parents for taking time to support your children in preparing these outfits. We had a fantastic time walking down the red carpet and striking a pose!