Science Week!

To celebrate science week Year 5 completed a “Rocket Mice” experiment from the Science Museum Group.  First, we discussed how different shaped mice, size of bottle and pressure of the launch would make for different results.

“The bigger the bottle means more air to create a bigger thrust and therefore a big bottle will have an advantage”

“If I put spikes on my mouse it will go faster”

I will put less decorations on the mouse so the mouse will be lighter and therefore will travel further”

Then, the children designed their own mice using card, string and paper.

After this, we drew a vertical graph on the floor to measure the length of travel from each rocket mouse.

Soon after, the children were then able to choose the size of bottle and pressure to launch their mouse.

To finish, we discussed the effect of each mouse.  It was clear, the mouse with the pointiest nose, least decorations and launch from the biggest bottle with the most pressure went the furthest! Well done to our winner!