A Caveman Experience

Birch class were really lucky today as one of our students gave us a real caveman experience and taught us how to make a lasso from Willow Vines.  This is something people living in the Stone Age would have used to hunt slower animals like pigs and boar. The student had been taught the technique from his granddad who works at a local farm and still uses the same technique today.

The lassos were quite complicated to make because the vines are quite fiddly, but we listened really well and were very patient, so much so, we were even able to practice and catch a few water bottles! Lots of thanks to the student and his granddad for making this afternoon a really great experience.

Room on the Broom

Today KS1 had a surprise when we looked outside the window. We spotted a broomstick, a bow, a frog, a dog and a cat (and lots of sparkles and glitter too!). These all reminded us of something and gave us clues about our next story in literacy … Room on the Broom. We can’t wait to get to know this story more and write our own versions of it.

World War One Report in Year 5

This term we have been learning about World War One (The Great War!).

Today, we have interviewed each other in the role of heroic soldiers, who were caught up in a mighty battle. We used the skills of drama, role-play and empathy to understand what life was like in the trenches. We will use this to create fantastic pieces of writing.

Here is an example of our work, we hope you enjoy it.


Created by Oak Class in Year Five.

Soldiers in WWI

Rock Stars!

This afternoon, Birch Class learnt about how to group rocks according to the following properties: permeability, durability, whether they are hard/soft and their density.  We also looked at a variety of rocks from the 3 different families: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.  (If you don’t know what these are – go and ask someone from Birch Class, I’m sure they’ll be able to explain!)

Using this information, we thought about what kind of cave we would build if we were living as Stone Age Neanderthals.  We would want a house made of rocks that were impermeable, durable, hard and dense.  That way we know our houses would be super strong!


La galette des rois

Last week, Lou Anne’s mum prepared a ‘galette des rois’ for Hazel Class. It was a beautiful brioche cake in the shape of a crown, with cherries on top. This cake forms part of a French tradition which celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem. We enjoyed learning about the traditions and brought them to life in our class. The youngest child hid under the table and shouted out the names of children who would be next to receive a piece of the cake. One lucky cake-eater had a small figure hidden inside, which meant he became king in our celebration. We really enjoyed learning about the celebration and enjoyed eating it even more. There wasn’t a crumb left! Thank you Mrs Hardy.

Life Bus

Life bus We loved our first ever experience on the Life Bus today. We looked at how to keep healthy and happy. Hope you enjoy the photos.