Year 4 uncover their “Time Capsule”

Late this time last year, Year 4 were in Year 3 and feeling a bit worried/excited and nervous about their transition into year 4.  So, last year as a class, we wrote letters to our future selves thinking about what kind of people we would like to be, what things we would like to achieve during our time in Year 4.  Together, we talked about how we can make all these things possible.  Then, with a little bit of glitter magic, we buried our letters to ourselves.

Well now, the children’s time in year 4 has just about been and gone and we wanted to see if we have become those people we hope to become and if we have achieved those things we hoped to achieve and we dug up our letters.  Even though they were a bit moldy, wet and a bit stinky (very stinky!) we were able to uncover our letters and have a read.

Here are some of the things the children thought as they uncovered their letters:

“I hoped I was going to help children who were being bullied…but no one was being bullied in our class! I do think I’ve become a kinder person this year though.”

“I wanted to get better at my spellings.  I worked really hard.  At home too! I did really well in my spelling tests.”

“It’s really funny to see my handwriting! It’s got so much better!” 

It’s really interesting to see how we’ve grown and developed as individuals and as a group.  Now…on to year 5! 🙂

We have the TA of the Year at Stoke Park Primary School!

We are very proud to announce that Stoke Park Primary School’s very own Miss Winkworth has won The Bristol Post Primary TA of the Year competition!

The award was given to the Teaching Assistant who the judges felt stands out from the rest. It aims to recognise the TA that goes the extra mile to encourage and assist students and teachers.

We would like to send Miss Winkworth a huge congratulations for winning what was a very competitive awards category against TAs from all over the city.

To read more about the Education Awards, visit the Bristol Post article online using the following link.


Year 4 Trip to Stoke Park Woods

What a day! Year 4 went out on their school trip to explore “The Best of Bristol” on our very own doorstep.  In groups of 3, the children were given a tool kit including, a map, a set of tasks, a brush, some paper and some water.  In their groups, the children had to find their way around the whole of the park to find special sculptures designed by local children and artists.

Finding all the scultures wasn’t as easy as it seemed, some groups of children and their leaders even ended up getting lost! They did however, stumble across some interesting finds like a giant’s footprint and a fairy house! After each sculpture, the children had to complete a specific task using lots of natural bits and bobs – making a snake from leaves, owls from feathers and snails from sticks.

After exploring the woods, we settled down for a nice long lunch followed by some wide outdoor activities playing in the long grass


Keys to Success Assembly – Kalpna Woolf

On Friday, we had the pleasure to introduce the KS2 children to the inspirational and talented Kalpna Woolf. The children were inspired by her role as the Head of Production for BBC Bristol. She then talked about her most recent projects such as the creation of Bristol Food Connections, 91 Ways To Build A Global City to help bring communities together as well as her book ‘Spice Yourself Slim’. Thank you so much for visiting us!

School Council visit Mayor Marvin Rees

On Monday, the School Councillors of Stoke Park School got up close and personal with Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and Lockleaze Councillors Gill Kirk and Estella Tincknell at City Hall. After a question and answer session with The Mayor, they shared interests, such as, art and keeping fit. Which led to an amusing one arm press up show and tell. I think the Mayor was impressed by our one – arm press up technique.  Brilliant fun!