Join Stoke Park Primary School’s FREE Healthy Lifestyles Programme Today

Alive ‘N’ Kicking is a FREE exciting healthy lifestyles programme for children aged between 2-16

Years who with their families want to eat healthy, lose weight and get active!


During your Alive ‘N’ Kicking programme you will:

  • Learn to read food labels to help you make healthier choices
  • Understand portion sizes for your children
  • Make smoothies, healthy wraps & fruit kebabs
  • Get active as a family
  • Weekly recipes to make at home
  • Discover healthy snack options

With the support and motivation from the Alive ‘N’ Kicking Team, Bristol families are coming together to achieve their health goals – “We have learnt so much about healthy food, portion sizes, reading food labels. My daughter has gained so much from Alive ‘N’ Kicking, it is the first time she has enjoyed exercising!”

Alive ‘N’ Kicking is supported by Bristol City Council and is being held at:

At: Stoke Park Primary School

Starting: Tuesday 25th April @ 3:30pm-4:45pm for 6 weeks

Age: Infants & Juniors Programme (5-11 year olds)


* Programmes for 2-4 year olds and 12-16 year olds also available across the City.

Come on get your family Alive ‘N’ Kicking today by calling the Alive ‘N’ Kicking Team on 0117 942 2602 or email Or speak to Mrs Penellum Stoke Park Primary School for more information about the programme and how to sign up.


Stay Healthy


The Alive ‘N’ Kicking Team

Chess in Schools and Communities

Year 5 and year 6 classes at Stoke Park School in Lockleaze have been learning how to play the ancient game of chess in school with CSC (Chess in Schools and Communities) for over a year now. Last term some lucky chess players went all the way to London to play in a competition against other schools. We saw some chess grandmasters like Wesley So, Veselin Topalov and more!

We have been having chess lessons with a great tutor called Paul who has been playing chess for years. Chess lessons at school are quite interesting because Paul teaches us things like how to check mate, stale mate, check and how the pieces move. When we first started, only 6 students knew how to play chess properly and now we all do – and we all know some cunning strategies that we can use to beat our opponents!

As we’ve been improving more and more and doing so well in local competitions, we thought that we were ready to test our skills on the rest of the country. We travelled to London by coach and were full of excitement and ready to compete! Whilst we were thinking about what moves to play in the tournament, we arrived in the impressive capital city. We waited impatiently to see what school we would be going up against first.

When we finally got to play we were told how the scoring worked. How it worked was: a win (which had to be by 4 points or by checkmate) = 3 points; a tie gave 2 points; a loss just 1 point. To make the entire tournament fair, we had to face people who had the same amount of points as we were on. The people working there would hold up a number which would match the amount of points that we had. The highest you could get was 15 since you had to play 5 matches altogether. Some people nearly got full marks, which was 15 points! When the prizes were handed out, our school sadly didn’t get any prizes but we had a brilliant experience and overall, it was a great day.

Many people made friends through the matches because sometimes you’d make a move and feel deeply sorry after it for certain ones (like taking a queen), and you would have a laugh when the game ended. We loved having fun with a crazy friendly match when all the pieces could move everywhere and it got insane. At one moment Ahmed had a game where he felt deep regret, ‘I almost felt like not doing a move that would end the game but I had to so I could get the win.’

This terrific trip inspired all of the children who participated and tried their best and we hope it will inspire more people to play chess as it’s such a great game where you really have to think. We were so lucky to be taught by an expert and everyone is very grateful. Without him and the belief of our teachers we would not have experienced this joyful trip. One of the students, Beth said that ‘this trip inspired me to play more chess as it was incredibly fun!’


Written my Ahmed, Ellie, Beth, Noah and Matthew


Are you ready to dance?

Don’t forget to try and get sponsored for this Monday’s ‘Dance-athon’ which will involve the whole school showcasing their best dance moves once every hour to raise money for the NSPCC. Any donations will be greatly appreciated!

Debate in Year 5!

Year 5 planned and delivered a super presentation today. Their theme, about animal organ transplants, was based on our literacy book Pig Heart Boy. The class was divided and each group created several compelling points to balance the argument.

The rest of the class decided on who won the debate and everyone displayed excellent behaviours whilst we listened to each other.



Governors questionnaire for parents

Before parents evening in February 2017, we sent out a questionnaire on behalf of the governors!! Thank you to all the parents who completed the parents questionnaire. It was particularly pleasing to see that you felt your children were safe and happy at school and that you feel that your children are making good progress.

Please see attached for latest results.

Governors questionnaire for parents

Term dates 2017-2018

2017 – 2018


  • Term 1 Monday 4th  September to 20th October 2017
  • Term 2 Monday 30th October to Friday 15th December 2017
  • Term 3 Thursday 4th January to Friday 9th February 2018
  • Term 4 Monday 19th February to Friday 23th March 2018
  • Term 5 Monday 9th April to Friday 25th May ( Monday 7th May is a bank holiday )
  • Term 6 Thursday 7th June to Tuesday 24th July



Inset days:

  • Tuesday 2nd January 2018
  • Wednesday 3rd January 2018
  • Monday 4th June 2018
  • Tuesday 5th June 2018
  • Wednesday 6th June 2018