School Meals Supervisory Assistant vacancy

Fixed term vacancy for 2 School Meals Supervisory Assistants


We are looking for 2 people to join our team of Schools Meals Supervisory Assistants. 

One position is supporting the Reception class pupils. 

The second position is to support the Reception class pupils and then the older children in the school.


Start date: Wednesday 1st March

Fixed Term until 31st August 2017

Post 1 is for 5 hours 50 minutes per week

Post 2 is for 10hours 30 minutes per week


BG2 (living wage)


Please collect an application form from the office if you are interested.

If you would like to know more about the job, please ask Mrs Jelf.


Expressions of interest by Friday 24th February and applications in by mid day on Monday 27th February


Just a little note to say that once you are logged on to Tapestry to view your child’s learning journal you will no longer receive updates via email. It is up to you to go online and log in using your details that you set up to view the learning journal. We update the journals very frequently so keep checking regularly to keep up to date with your child’s learning and progress.

Any problems with this speak to me or Mrs Williams and Mrs Cranfield after half term.

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FAQs about Safety and Well-being

What should I do if I want another person to pick up my child?

  • No child will be released from school to anyone other than the parents unless the school office has been informed.
  • If you require someone different to collect your child, you must inform the office in advance.
  • The named person will remain on record as a person able to collect your child for the time specified by you.

How can I enter the school outside of the normal drop off and collection times?

  • Our gates open and close at designated times to control access to the school. This ensures the safety of all children is protected at all times as requested by parents.
  • In the morning, the gates are open at 8.00am and shut at promptly at 9.00am.
  • In the afternoon, the gates are open at 3.15 pm for Reception parents and 3.25 pm for KS1 and KS2.
  • Between 9.00am and 3.00pm parents can drop their child off to their classroom via the main school entrance accessed from Brangwyn Grove. This is the only point of access.

Can I take photographs or videos of my child at school?

  • Parents can take photographs or videos of their child taking part in special events e.g. the Christmas play.
  • However, photographs taken of children at school events are for personal use only and must NOT be placed on social media e.g. Facebook.

What do children need to bring to school each day?

  • A bag for carry reading books to and from school
  • Refillable water bottle
  • School uniform with their name clearly marked in each item
  • A coat (with their name marked on it) during times of inclement weather

What do children need to bring to school each week?

  • PE kit for gymnastics

PE kit appropriate for indoor or outdoor


Can I take my child out of school in term time?

No – The Law states that children must attend school unless they are too unwell to do so. Time off in term time will only be authorised in truly exceptional circumstances (as deemed by the Headteacher) if a request is made in advance and the time away from school is kept to a minimum.

What happens if my child is absent a lot?

Pupils with low attendance are monitored by the Educational Welfare Service and parents will need to provide medical evidence to verify absences otherwise the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

When are penalty notices issued?

If a child has 8 or more unauthorised absences (a morning or afternoon session counts as one absence) in a 10 week period, a penalty notice is issued.



Holidays in term time

Traditionally, this is the time of year when families start to think about booking their summer holiday.  As you are probably aware, we have organised the school year so that the Summer Half-Term Holiday will be 8 days long.  In addition, I have let parents know that absences will not be counted towards penalty notices if their child is absent on the Thursday 8th or Friday 9th June, as long as a holiday request form has been completed.

This means holidays can be taken from Saturday 27th May to Sunday 11th June without any fear of absences being marked as unauthorised (and possibly counting towards a penalty notice).

In addition, holidays taken between 10th July and the end of term will also be authorised if attendance is above 95% and a holiday request form is complete at least one month in advance of the holiday.

I hope this helps families to find an affordable summer holiday should they wish to do so.

Please do not take your child out of school at other times.  Not only will this harm their education but the Government has set very strict roles for attendance (which are inspected by Ofsted).  Therefore, holidays taken at all other times, unless there are exceptional circumstances will result in penalty notices being issued if there are 8 unauthorised   absences (four days) in a 10 week period.

Please find attached to this letter:

  • A holiday request form
  • The leaflet Attendance:‘ What parent/carers need to know’ I hope parents find these changes helpful. If you have any questions or would like to check if a holiday will/will not be authorised, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Changes to Reception class

Dear Parents and Cares


Sadly, Miss Botting will be leaving the school at the end of term as she has a new job in Weston Super Mare.  Miss Botting has been a fantastic teacher for Stoke Park and she will be greatly missed.  Unfortunately her daily battle with the M5 has become increasing difficult and stressful.


However, I am very pleased to let you know that Mrs Cranfield and Mrs Williams will be returning to the school to teach the Reception Class.


Although I would not have chosen to make a change in middle of the year, they are an ideal replacement for Miss Botting. They both know most of the children and parents from last year.


Mrs Cranfield will be working on Monday and Tuesdays and Mrs Williams will be working Wednesdays to Friday.  The fantastic Mrs Daly will continue working through the week.

Changes to Reception class

Rocket launch!

Last week, we had a grandparent visit our class to teach us about launching rockets. We watched as he launched a rocket in our very own playground! It was amazing, thank you so much for coming in and teaching us about rockets!


At Bristol

On Monday, Dragonflies had a wonderful time at At Bristol. We had so much fun exploring all the exhibits and had a fantastic time in the planetarium. Thank you so much to our helpers! Here are some photos of our day…