Subtraction and short burst writing in Oak Class!

Last week contained lots of learning in Oak class. We have been learning about subtraction using rounding for our estimation. We used column subtraction, place value counters and diennes to understand how we exchange. The children have really persevered and tried their best throughout the week.

We created a news report about Theseus and how he treated poor Ariadne. We also created leaflets to advertise modern day Greece!

Home work activities. 

Ask your child to calculate these questions, using rounding to help them estimate. Use your estimation and a calculator to check your answers. Then you create your own!

4781- 1425 =                   8214-   4619 =


For literacy home work,. you can copy and paste  this piece of writing and investigate where paragraphs go. Remember the golden rule. If something changes you create a new paragraph and a new speaker, new paragraph.

As the innocent young men and women were sent away, the king of Athens wept uncontrollably. When this time of year came, a blanket of gloom filled the land. His son, whose name was Theseus, shook with rage. Theseus’s broad shoulders were shuddering with pure anger.“I promise this won’t happen again, Father!” he exclaimed. The next time King Minos claimed his sacrifice for his Minotaur, Theseus planned to be on board the transport ships. When he made it to Crete, he would slay the vile beast and return triumphant. As the years past, Theseus trained. He could have relaxed, but he vowed he would not rest until Athens was free. Slowly, he became faster, more agile and stronger. His father knew he must go, but he worried…“Please, my son,” he uttered,  “ When you return, you must show me white sails if you live. My heart is weak and I must know as soon as possible. ” Theseus looked into his father’s glistening, blue eyes and replied.“Of course Father, I will.”  


Spellings this week will be…

  1. Determined
  2. Develop
  3. Dictionary
  4. Disastrous
  5. Embarrass
  6. Environment
  7. Equip /   equipment
  8. Especially
  9. Exaggerate

All the best and enjoy the weekend!


Mr Pritchard and Oak Class