The Always Party!

A big congratulations to all those children who received their Always tickets for this terms “Always Party!” A brilliant time was had by all as we sat with our friends and our favourite blankets, teddy bears or cushions and watched the very cool film “Hotel Transalvania!” with some scrummy popcorn.

I’m looking forward to next terms “Always party!” already.  Let’s see how many tickets your teachers will give out….Will you get yours?



Strictly Maths Challenges

All children from Year 1- Year 6 should be bringing home their Governors Strictly Maths Challenge booklet this week. The booklet contains 4 maths challenges for the children to complete at home. Each week the children will complete a different challenge and all booklets should be returned by Monday 28th November. If you have any questions regarding the challenges, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

There will be an awards ceremony on Tuesday 29th November where all the children who have completed their booklet will receive a certificate and a prize. There may even be a special guest attending the assembly….

Going the distance!

A huge congratulations to an enthusiastic group of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children who travelled to St Bede’s to compete in a Cross Country event this evening. Despite there being approximately 70-80 children per race, each and every one of them persevered and encouraged each other to complete it to the best of their ability. A special mention to one of our Year 5 pupils who came a fantastic third place, earning them entry to represent North Bristol in the finals on Sunday 20th November! A big well done to all who participated! Go Stoke Park!

Time Travelling to Ancient Egypt and Beyond!

img_0076 img_0089 img_0080

On Monday 17th October we went to Bristol museum to travel back in time!  Not only did we visit the stone age and the dinosaurs, but we went all the way back to Ancient Egypt.  We looked at a real life mummy, as well as exploring real life artefacts – we had to wear special gloves to protect them, but we could feel the toys Ancient Egyptian children played with, necklaces they wore, tools they built pyramids with and the copper mirrors they looked into!  It was very exciting! Ask me an interesting fact about Ancient Egypt!

Caretaker of the year!


We are very excited to announce that Val Knight, the schools caretaker, was awarded Caretaker of the Year at the Caretakers annual conference last week. Val was up against caretakers from across the country and was presented with a shield and prize for recognition of her outstanding contributions to our school. What a fantastic achievement!

We are all very proud of Val and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work.

Re-launch of the Walk to School project!

The walk to school project run in partnership with Bristol City Council and the Living Streets charity is officially back at Stoke Park as of Monday 17th October!

Lots of children have been asking whether they can continue to earn their active badges this year and after resolving some technical difficulties, I am very excited to announce that it has all been set up for our last week of Term 1!

The theme this year is ‘My Neighbourhood’ and the children can get their first badge if they travel septembers-badgeactively to school this Monday (17th). Walking, scooting, cycling or parking and striding (a combination of parking nearby and walking at least 5 minutes into school) will earn their first beach-themed badge! Miss Meek will be out in the playground from 8.15am on Monday to issue badges to children who travelled in one of the ways listed above.

The excitement of travelling actively does not stop there though! As it is the last week of term, the children will be able to collect October’s badge in just one week! If they travel actively on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, they will gain their second (mining-themed) badge!octobers-badge

Please see the attached flyer for further details or speak to Miss Meek if you have any questions!


Subtraction and short burst writing in Oak Class!

Last week contained lots of learning in Oak class. We have been learning about subtraction using rounding for our estimation. We used column subtraction, place value counters and diennes to understand how we exchange. The children have really persevered and tried their best throughout the week.

We created a news report about Theseus and how he treated poor Ariadne. We also created leaflets to advertise modern day Greece!

Home work activities. 

Ask your child to calculate these questions, using rounding to help them estimate. Use your estimation and a calculator to check your answers. Then you create your own!

4781- 1425 =                   8214-   4619 =


For literacy home work,. you can copy and paste  this piece of writing and investigate where paragraphs go. Remember the golden rule. If something changes you create a new paragraph and a new speaker, new paragraph.

As the innocent young men and women were sent away, the king of Athens wept uncontrollably. When this time of year came, a blanket of gloom filled the land. His son, whose name was Theseus, shook with rage. Theseus’s broad shoulders were shuddering with pure anger.“I promise this won’t happen again, Father!” he exclaimed. The next time King Minos claimed his sacrifice for his Minotaur, Theseus planned to be on board the transport ships. When he made it to Crete, he would slay the vile beast and return triumphant. As the years past, Theseus trained. He could have relaxed, but he vowed he would not rest until Athens was free. Slowly, he became faster, more agile and stronger. His father knew he must go, but he worried…“Please, my son,” he uttered,  “ When you return, you must show me white sails if you live. My heart is weak and I must know as soon as possible. ” Theseus looked into his father’s glistening, blue eyes and replied.“Of course Father, I will.”  


Spellings this week will be…

  1. Determined
  2. Develop
  3. Dictionary
  4. Disastrous
  5. Embarrass
  6. Environment
  7. Equip /   equipment
  8. Especially
  9. Exaggerate

All the best and enjoy the weekend!


Mr Pritchard and Oak Class

A special visitor


This afternoon, KS2 took part in the first of our ‘Keys to success’ assemblies. We welcomed Kevin Milwood, who has a successful career in Computer Security, to talk to the children about his career and what he felt were the key contributing factors to his success. The children found out about what Kev enjoyed at school and how that now helps him to be successful at his job. Kevin believes that confidence is an essential key for success and we agree!

It was wonderful to hear about all the aspirations and ambitions the children have for their own future too. With their hard working attitude, confidence and ability to get on with others, it certainly seems like the children of Stoke Park are destined for great success in their future careers.

We will be continuing with our inspiring ‘Keys to success’ assemblies throughout the year and will be welcoming a radio broadcaster, an actress and a science lecturer over the coming months! Watch this space….

Oak class assembly

Thank you to all the members of Oak Class who made our assembly special yesterday (and to the parents who made it too!). Here are a range of photos of the work we displayed. I hope we can keep up this super level of work for the rest of the year. 🙂

img_1062 img_1036 img_1037 img_1038 img_1039 img_1040 img_1041 img_1043 img_1044 img_1045 img_1046 img_1047 img_1048 img_1049 img_1050 img_1051 img_1052 img_0940 img_0941 img_0942 y

Tricky Calculations!

Last week, Year 6 tackled some tricky maths problems related to short and long multiplication. They were able to discuss their understanding and related the value of the digits to their understanding of their place value unit!

This week, we have begun looking at the short method for division. We discussed how it is the inverse of multiplication but that our knowledge of our times tables can actually help us to divide! Tomorrow’s challenge will be to learn the method for long division. I am sure that we will report back on how brilliantly we have been able to learn this soon!