With this one weird trick, Oak Class (Year 5) have become meta learners…

Another great week from Oak class. This week we have used drama and comic, story boards to learn and remember the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

In numeracy we have learnt about being meta learners. The children have had access to a range of resources and are picking the best tool for the calculation(after reflecting on their own learning style). This special trick has helped the children learn mental methods to add and used column addition too.

If you want to practise numeracy over the weekend, pick two, 4 digit numbers and add them together using column addition. Have your child tell you about each column and have them explain what they are doing with each number.

If you want to practise literacy, have your child retell the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. They can explain to you what makes the story a tragedy.

Our spellings are;

competition   controversy      convenience

conscience   correspond      criticise

conscious   curiosity     definite

and desperate.


It was lovely to see you at parents evening, and enjoy the weekend.


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Reception intake 2017

Do you have a child starting in Reception next year? If you do and would be interested in coming and finding out a bit more about our school, we will be showing prospective parents round the school on the following dates:

Friday 7th October 9a.m

Monday 10th October 9a.m

Tuesday 11th October 4p.m
Please let the office staff know if you would like to attend and on which date.


A super start for Year 1!

Hazel Class should be very proud of the way they have settled into the new routines of school. Well done!  They have enjoyed re-enacting the story of George and The Dragon as well as creating their own stories using puppets. They have enjoyed sharing home work too.

We are excited to go on our trip to Cardiff Castle – please return your slips as soon as possible. It’s great to see so many children reading at home – please keep commenting and they will receive a special stamp in their reading record book. Please check book bags for spellings handed out on Fridays and tested the following Friday.

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Some Great Big Writes from Birch Class!

Birch Class have been busy this term having lots of big writes and I wanted to share a couple of them with you!

A big congratulations to Mea who produced a fantastic set of instructions.  Mea really thought about the structure of the sentence, starting with a time opener, adverb then imperative verb alongside writing in formal language.

Also to Grace who wrote a cross-curriculum piece on the death of Tutankhamen – was he murdered or did he die of natural causes?  Grace put forward a brilliant discussion about both options – her writing was informative, clear and well thought out!

You’ll notice each piece has a nice big, golden sticker on – both children were asked to go and show Mr. Simmons their brilliant work and he was so impressed he couldn’t help but give them one of his favourite stamps!

Well done guys!



Problem Solvers!

Year 6 have returned from their summer holidays with a fantastic attitude towards their learning. This week in maths, they have applied their knowledge of the addition and subtraction column methods to one and two-step word problems! Keep up the good work Year 6!


This week, Year V have been doing Roman Numerals and Place Value revision.Ask them what MMXVI means !

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What a start to the year!

Cedar Class have settled really well into Year 2 learning. We have already begun to write our own stories based on the myth of George and the Dragon. We’ve also been exploring the world of dragons and castles in our topic and can’t wait for our trip to Cardiff Castle on Tuesday 4th October. Thank you to all those who have completed some of their homework projects. We have seen paintings, posters, stories, songs and suits of armour! Please keep them coming. We all really enjoy listening as children share their creations. Keep up the good work Cedar Class!

Term 1 as a Birch Tree!

Hi Everyone,

Birch Class here, we just wanted to update you on everything we’ve been doing so far in Year 4!

It’s been time travelling crazy as we’ve learnt a traditional Ancient Egyptian dance and painted our own names in Hieroglyphics.

We’ve been working really hard in our maths, creating and comparing big numbers, learning the 6, 7 AND 9 times tables, rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 and looking at Roman Numerals.

Then there’s literacy where we’re right in the middle of writing our own fables, paying particular attention to the characteristics of a fable including the moral, characters and setting, as as well as focusing on fronted adverbials, speech and paragraphs.

As a class we’ve been reading the Time Travelling Cat – it’s getting quite exciting, perhaps you could ask your own Birch tree to explain what’s been happening in the book!

Birch class have had an A star attitude towards their learning and we were even chosen as “class of the week” from our gym teacher who said “Birch class had great self-control and perseverance during a very tricky lesson.”  Well done guys!

As you can see – our homework wall is looking great so keep it coming!

Well done to you all Birch trees.  Keep on growing!

Miss Donoghue.img_1917

Reception Phonics Meeting

We will be holding a Reception parents phonics meeting next Monday 26th September at 9am. This is a chance for us to talk to you about how we teach your children to read and write in school. It will be a really short session but invaluable in helping you to support your children at home with their reading. We will discuss how each of the sounds are taught and you can even have a go yourself!

We will also be talking about our new reading books and how reading books will work in Reception as well as handwriting.

We hope to see you all there!