The Lifebus

On Thursday, Year 1 visited the Lifebus. We learnt about how to eat the right fruit and vegetables to keep us healthy. We also learnt about different parts of the body and what they do. For example our heart pumps the blood around our body. Our lungs help our body send oxygen around our body. We had lots of fun learning about how to keep healthy and can’t wait for it to visit again next year!

Poplar’s life bus adventure.

“I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed every single part of it” – A member of Poplar class.

On the life bus we learnt about how it might harm you if you are around smoke because children are still developing. We also went to Diversity World with Harold and his friends Derek and Kiki. But they all wanted to go to different places at Diversity World.  Poplar class were thinking about how to solve a problem like this in real life and came up with some super ideas.

Poplar used the life bus to visit ‘Conformatron’. A planet where everyone was the same. They had fun identifying how they were different and why this made them special.

Many thanks to Pete for taking us on a tour of the life bus!

Written by a member of Poplar class. 

All aboard the Life Bus! (Year 3)

Elm and Beech Class climbed aboard the Life Bus on Friday to learn more about their bodies! They discussed which part of the body they thought was the most important, with answers such as brain, heart and bones being popular, however they soon found out they were all as important as each other! They even learned the scientific term ‘gluteus maximus’ which they found particularly interesting!

Dragonflies On Board The Life Bus!

Reception had a great time on board the Life Education Bus this week. We talked about keeping healthy, keeping fit and eating healthy foods. We did a little dance to use some energy and checked what happened to our heart beat. We had fun meeting Harold The Giraffe too!

Life Bus Year 5


Meeting Harold

Meeting Harold

Oak class had a great time when they visited the Life Bus today. They were made to think about the choices that we will make in the future as they learnt about the effects of alcohol on the body and how medicines contain drugs. They learnt about how to be assertive and say no to other people when dealing with peer pressure – as a bystander they can help to support their friends. And finally they met Harold the giraffe who told a funny joke about Russian dolls – they’re full of themselves apparently! Thanks Harold and Pete!

Visit the Life Education website to find out more and play some games:

Chess Championships

Receiving certificates in assembly

Some Year 4 and 5 children took part in the Bristol Schools Chess Championships yesterday which involved over 100 children. This was the first of its kind for our school and our 8 players proved to be great ambassadors for Stoke Park. Everyone played well and concentrated hard and won many of their games – they were even playing older children who were far more experienced. Their chess tutor Paul said that ‘Stoke Park should be very proud of all of their efforts, and their behaviour was impeccable.’ Well done Stoke Park!!!Stoke Park should be very proud of all of their efforts, and their behaviour was impeccable. Stoke Park should be very proud of all of their efforts, and their behaviour was impeccable.Stoke Park should be very proud of all of their efforts, and their behaviour was impeccable.20160621_151602

Elm and Beech Carnival!

The children have made a great start to their Carnival Fever topic. To launch this topic they made masks using a range of materials and wore them within their classroom carnival! The bright colours they used represent those within carnivals from around the world!DSC_0409[1]

Welcome Home Party

IMG_3093Oak Class celebrated in sci-fi style as they had a welcome home party to celebrate the return of Tim Peake back to planet Earth. From carrying out scientific experiments about air resistance to out of this world maths, a fabulous time was had by all! Well done everyone for creating such inventive costumes!

A super week of learning. 10/10 !

Well done to everyone in Poplar class for trying their best. In maths we have completed fractions and applied our knowledge to real life problems. In English we have been studying newspapers and identifying features. Keep up the good work Poplar class !IMG_0769 IMG_0774 IMG_0778 IMG_0779 IMG_0780 IMG_0781