Elm Class Volcanic Eruptions!

Elm Class have been creating volcanic eruptions!

Elm Class have been creating volcanic eruptions!

Today, Elm Class made shield and composite volcanoes using toilet paper and cello tape! Using a special ‘magma mixture’ and bicarbonate of soda, they made their volcanoes come to life by erupting! We found that the lava from shield volcanoes travelled furthest!

St Werburghs City Farm

Today, Hazel Class went to visit St Werburghs City Farm to learn about how to care for animals and why farms keep certain animals. We saw lots of different animals including piglets, sheep, goats, ducks, ducklings and chickens. We even got to feed some of them!

IMG_2007 IMG_2047 IMG_2060 IMG_2073IMG_2021

As part of out trip we also learnt about different bird calls and made some fantastic bird feeders to take home. What an action-packed day! A massive thank you to the adult helpers who came on the trip with us, we had such a great time.

Elm Class Poetry!

This week Elm Class are focusing on different types of poetry! Watch this space to see some of their exciting creations!

Cedar Class Trip to St Werburghs Farm

Year 2 had a great time at St Werburghs Farm. We met all the different animals and learnt about how to look after them. We also made bird feeders which we can’t wait to take home and test in our gardens.

Children find a message in a bottle!

On a recent trip to forest school, the children discovered a message in a bottle. We excitedly read the message which wasP1030335 P1030336 from our baby dinosaurs. (We had dinosaur eggs sent to us from the Natural History museum that cracked a few weeks later!) The children excitedly wrote back to the dinosaurs asking them to come back and the children continue to write to them to tell them what we have been doing in class.

Dads Dino day in Early Years

Early Years – Dads come along on Thursday 26th May 9.00 or 2.00pm to make a giant dinosaur with your child from recycled materials. Mums, Nans, Granddads, Uncles welcome too! Only you can make it a ROARING success!!

Soil Permeability!

primary-logoBeech class have been really busy soil scientists this week.  First we were introduced to different types of soil and discovered how they are formed, including; sand soil, chalk soil, peaty soil and clay soil.  Then we learned about permeability (the speed in which different soils allow water to pass through). After that we predicted what we thought might happen to the different soils and finally we did the experiment!

We wanted to share our results with you:

Sand soil – rapid permeability,

Chalk soil – moderate to rapid permeability.

Peaty soil – moderate permeability.

Clay soil – Slow permeability.

Well done Beech class for having a first-class positive attitude to their learning and having fantastic patience and kindness to each other during the experiment.  🙂

Year 1’s pasta salad!

Today Hazel class made a delicious pasta salad.

Pasta saladWe enjoyed independently using our cutting skills to chop vegetables. We all worked hard to create a delightful feast!